Monday, 14 October 2013

Character iPhone

IM – For the first half of the book, Will IM’s with the guy he “loves” named Isaac. Now they can talk 24/7 with this app, so they can grow even closer.
Tiny Dancer – Tiny’s play now its own app! Will can now know all the important details and minor changes to the play as soon as Tiny makes them with one notification from this app.
NMH News – With this app, Will can be updated on the latest news and concert dates with his favorite band, Neutral Milk Hotel.
GSA – All of Will’s friends are in the Gay Straight Alliance, whether they’re gay or straight (most are gay though), so naturally Will is forced to be in it too. This app holds information for meetings and parades and gay awareness all over Chicago, as well as quotes to help you keep going when it gets tough.
NW College – Will’s dad is really set on Will getting into the same med program at Northwestern that he took himself when he was in college.  With this app Will has all the scholarship and program requirements that he needs to know at his fingertips.
MAPS – Will and his friends go everywhere in Chicago, and they take road trips to visit the other Will Grayson. This will make it easier for them to get where they’re going.
Bandify – This app takes note of the music you listen to and finds hip new bands for you to listen to. Will really enjoys finding interesting new bands to obsess over.
iCook – Will and his dad sometimes cook dinner for his mom, and he can try out new recipes with this app.
Chicago Biz – The daily newspaper in app form! Now Will can be in the loop with the latest news and events happening in Chicago.
2 Rules – Will lives by two rules – “shut up” and “don’t care too much”. This app reminds him to live by these rules every day so he doesn’t find himself in uncomfortable situations.

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