Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Imagery Questions

1. I selected this particular passage because as I was reading it I noticed it had a lot of imagery. It had four different types, and it really helped create an image of the scene in my head. The author used visual, auditory, kinesthetic and smell imagery, and it was very effective in creating the overall scene, so I figured it was a good choice for the assignment.

2. Visual imagery is the most common imagery in this paragraph, but smell is also very evident.

3. The best imagery in this paragraph is the smell imagery. I think it most accurately describes everything around Toby the way a dog would, since dogs use smell as their main sense. The author does a great job of describing the way most things smell, which isn't easy.

4. I think that both types of main imagery used are different from each other in the positive/negative aspect. The man also came to the truck "holding Hungry's limp body". These words and actions come across as negative. However, the smell imagery is more positive because he says he " was quickly distracted by the wonderful odors flowing through the cage." This sheds a more positive light on the situation. 

5. Sorrow, fear, and a little bit of excitement are being created in this passage. They're sad because they are being shown their dead brother's limp body, and they are being taken away from the place that they know as home. Fear is also shown because they are taken by the humans, who they are supposed to stay away from, and placed into metal cages They don't know what is going on, and they can tell from their mother that they should be scared. Toby is a little bit excited though, because the humans are nice and there are so many new and wonderful smells on this truck, so he's excited to see where they're going. 

6. The purpose of this imagery is to enhance a dogs point of view of life. The smell imagery helps us see how dogs use their senses differently than we do. We can also see things how they do. For example, a metal cage may not look very menacing to us as humans, but to a dog it's highly threatening and something to avoid at all costs. Imagery helps create that difference. 

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