Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Reading Assignment #6 - 25 Tweets

1. Anna Fitzgerald (@annafitzxoxo) - Day 1 of the trial is growing nearer and nearer... Can I really do this? #questionable
2. Campbell Alexander (@CampbellTheAttorney) - @annafitzxoxo Do what you think is best. Don't let anyone else's opinion sway you. After all, that's the whole point of this lawsuit.
3. Anna Fitzgerald (@annafitzxoxo) - @CampbellTheAttorney Thanks Campbell, that really helps... #kinda
4. Sara Fitzgerald (@SaraFitz) - Am I punishing Anna too much for this? I just want my family back #DontKnowWhatToDo #ComeHome
5. Brian Fitzgerald (@KeepFighting) - Jesse is causing trouble again and I'm the only one who's noticed. What kind of parents does that make Sara and I?
6. Kate Fitzgerald (@KatesGotCancer) - Everything always comes back to me.
7. Julia Romano (@JuliaRomano) - @CampbellTheAttorney I still have the keys to your houseboat... If you even have enough balls to come get them.
8. Campbell Alexander (@CampbellTheAttorney) - @JuliaRomano Julia, not now. Not where the whole twitter world can see. Coffee tomorrow?
9. Julia Romano (@JuliaRomano) - @CampbellTheAttorney Quit playing games with me Campbell.
10. Kate Fitzgerald (@KatesGotCancer) - Everyone would be better off if I was dead.
11. Kate Fitzgerald (@KatesGotCancer) - Another day, another dialysis #IsItOverYet
12. Julia Romano (@JuliaRomano) - The trial is tomorrow and I still haven't come to a conclusion about what's best for Anna #lost
13. Anna Fitzgerald (@annafitzxoxo) - I cannot testify at this trial. If I do, everyone is going to know the real reason why I can't give my kidney away
14. Campbell Alexander (@CampbellTheAttorney) - @annafitzxoxo Anna, you have to tell me the real reason why or I can't help you to my best abilities
15. Anna Fitzgerald (@annafitzxoxo) - @CampbellTheAttorney I can't Campbell. Kate will kill me. I can't.
16. Sara Fitzgerald (@SaraFitz) - @annafitzxoxo Anna honey, what's going on? Talk to me, why are you doing this?
17. Campbell Alexander (@CampbellTheAttorney) - @SaraFitz @annafitzxoxo You can't talk to my client about the case. Leave her alone.
18. Anna Fitzgerald (@annafitzxoxo) - This trial is almost over and I can't tell who's winning... #uhoh
19. Campbell Alexander (@CampbellTheAttorney) - @JuliaRomano Please tell me you're going to rule in Anna's favor. My case depends on you.
20. Anna Fitzgerald (@annafitzxoxo) - I think I have to testify... I don't have a choice anymore
21. Campbell Alexander (@CampbellTheAttorney) - As if I had an epileptic episode in the middle of the hearing. Shoulda listened to Judge #lessonlearned
22. Anna Fitzgerald (@annafitzxoxo) - WE WON! WE WON! But I don't really feel as relieved as I should...
23. Campbell Alexander (@CampbellTheAttorney) - Another case won by non other than the great attorney that is myself. To the hospital we go!
24. Sara Fitzgerald (@SaraFitz) - She wasn't supposed to die.. Anna wasn't the one who was supposed to die so young...
25. Kate Fitzgerald (@KatesGotCancer) - If she wasn't on her way to the the hospital, she wouldn't have been hit. Like I said, it always comes back to me.

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