Monday, 2 December 2013

Practicing Dialogue

"But Alice, my house lifted up in a tornado and landed in a strange magical land. You can't argue that that's not adventurous," Dorothy exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air. You could begin t o hear the frustration in her voice.
"I never said it wasn't adventurous, I'm just saying that it's not as adventurous as my life," Alice countered with a shrug.
"Oh yeah? How so? All you did was fall in a hole."
"Not even. Yes, I fell in a hole. But that's just how it all started. I grew and then I shrank, I encountered talking animals-"
"I encountered talking animals too," Dorothy interrupted, racing to get the words out.
"The lion, talking monkeys, the scarecrow. Those are animals."
"Not really. The lion and the monkeys are, I'll give you that. But the scarecrow is just an inanimate object, Dorothy."
"Fine. What else did you deal with that makes your adventure 'oh so fabulous'?" Dorothy mocked, rolling her eyes. 
"I almost drowned in my own tears, I had a tea party with a hatter who actually called himself mad, I met a rabbit who was always worried about being late, a cat who always had a sinister smile and could disappear whenever he pleased, and a queen who wanted nothing more than to behead me. Not to mention I participated in a war between the Queen of Hearts and the White Queen with card soldiers," Alice's voice began to rise with every word she said. This conversation was getting a bit heated for her liking but she wasn't about to back down.
"Hey, I had a similar problem. The Wicked Witch of the West tried to kill me too," Dorothy argued with a face daring Alice to argue her again.
"Yeah, well, what else did you encounter?"
"I had my house lifted up in a tornado and land on a witch in some strange land, the people there praising me for something I wasn't even aware that I had done, four witches, a talking lion, scarecrow, tin man, I was kidnapped by talking monkeys, and there was a wizard at the end of the yellow brick road."
Alice considered this for a while. "Well, maybe, do you think both of our lives are equally adventurous? They both seem pretty crazy to me." She looked up at Dorothy. "What do you say? Truce?"
Dorothy sat, thinking for a moment. "Well, I suppose you did some pretty neat stuff too. It sounded kind of fun. Okay, truce." She agreed.

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