Monday, 30 September 2013

6 Word Memoir #2 - Love

Photo Credit: Myself (Rebecca Roger)

Writers Note:

I chose this photo because it shows how happy I am, as well as the six words. My memoir is talking about our first date, but the same thing goes for most of the things in our relationship. I chose the font I did because when I see handwriting, I associate it with love and happiness, for some unknown reason. Maybe because it’s really loopy and smooth, like the person writing it was in a daze or something. But happiness is what I think of and that’s how I felt in this picture, and how I still feel now. He made my heart race on our first date, and it still races when I’m with him, 9 months later.
I used white for the font because it stood out against the dark picture, and I used a type of black and white effect to make it more of a classy and romantic look.

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