Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reading Survey

The best book I have ever read is ________ because _________.

I have two books that are the “best books I've ever read”, though I have read many great books. The first one is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. This is a favorite book of mine because I really like how he chose to write it all in the form of letters, and you don’t know who he is writing to. It adds more interest and mystery to the novel. Chbosky also writes about a boy with not many friends who has a hard time fitting in. I can somewhat relate to this because while I have friends, I sometimes find myself having a hard time fitting in with them.  It is also interesting to witness how people like that deal with their social situation, and how it affects them opposed to how it would affect me.  My other favorite book is The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I love this book because it is a romance novel, which I am a fan of. But it falls more on the romantic tragedy end of the spectrum. It also has a lot of advanced terminology, which interests me. I like learning new words and terms, and learning them while reading a fun book is the best way to learn.

How do you decide which books you will read?

                Most of the time, the way I decide which books I am going to read is by the attractiveness of the book cover. When I am in a library or a book store, I pick books by the ones with appealing book covers to me. From there I’ll turn it over and read the back cover. If the story sounds interesting then I will probably end up taking it home to read. I may also flip through the book and read the first couple sentences. It also helps if I know or like the author of the book that I’m looking at.

When you read, what happens inside your mind?

                When I read, I usually picture what’s happening in the story in my mind. I like to picture the characters however I want to, as well as the setting. It keeps my mind active and involved and also leaves room for imagination and creativity. Picturing the scene also helps clear up any confusion I may have while reading. I also like to ask questions about what’s going on. This also keeps me better engaged in the story.

       I own an iPhone, but it doesn't have access to the internet unless I am connected to wifi. I will hopefully have a data plan by the time Christmas comes. I have access to a laptop that I could bring to school. It’s a Dell and I just bought it about a week ago. My mom owns a Kindle and she allows me to use it once in a while, but I prefer to read real books. I have a twitter account that I use for personal use, but I don’t have a blog. I am interested in using these forms of technology in this course. I think it would be a neat idea and a nice change from other classes.

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