Monday, 30 September 2013

6 Word Memoir #5 - Confessions

Photo Credit: Myself (Rebecca Roger)

Writers Note:

I’m not a very open person, but I also don’t have a lot of secrets. But the things that I may consider “secrets”, I don’t tell to just anyone. You have to matter. In other words, you have to be one of my really close friends for me to tell you my secrets, and I have to trust you a lot. When people ask what’s wrong, 96% of them will get the answer “nothing, I’m just tired.” Or something along those lines. Consider yourself lucky and important to me if I actually give you a real answer and let you in. This photo shows that I'm a very quiet and closed person, and it also says that if I tell you something private, you'd better keep quiet about it.
I didn't really use punctuation in this photo because I didn't think it needed it. I didn't really think that the picture behind the words needed to be as prominent as the words; I wanted them to be the centre of focus.

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